Mack & Mabel synopsis

Mack & Mabel synopsis

Mack & Mabel Synopsis - Broadway musical

1938. The director of mute films Mr. Sennett returned to his studio in Brooklyn. From his last visit, the place suffered significant changes. The protagonist beholds actors, shooting a sound film scene. At this point, he feels a sense of nostalgia after mute motion pictures. He recalls his best works.

Follow-up actions takes the spectator in 1911. Mabel Normand talking with one of the actresses who starred in Mack Sennett’s movies. She offers her colleague to have a snack, but is refused. This seemingly mundane event strongly touches Mabel. Her violent reaction immediately strikes Mack. The director makes a conclusion that the girl has an obvious talent for execution of expressive roles. He decided on a risky move, offering Mabel role in his future film. Initially, the actress refuses, but then, thoroughly examined the offer, agrees.

Perfectly fulfilling her role, Mabel gets long-awaited glory & literally turns into a famous person. A little after, Mack talks with his accountants, who always has supported the financing of new films of director. Heroes come to the conclusion that the time has come to lead their production company on larger scale of West coast and, in particular, California. Lottie, Mack & other crew members, including comedian Fatty Arbuckle, eagerly fantasize about their travels around the world. At the same time between the director & Mabel, certain relationship begins. She often invites Mack in her van, so he listened as she reads impromptu poems. Once Mabel even manages to persuade him to play with her scene of the wedding ceremony. The director always being skeptical of things like this & he'd have refused any other. Eventually, the protagonists spend the night together.

Mabel wants to be filmed finally in a serious drama project. Prior to that, she had to perform exclusively comedic roles. Actress shares her wishes with Mack, but from further conversation it becomes clear that the director is interested only in shooting comedies. Mabel meets another director – eloquent William D. Taylor, who shows own interest in her from the first minutes of acquaintance. He agrees to film an actress in a dramatic movie. To discuss further cooperation, Taylor invites Mabel for dinner. Mack persuades on various attempts to dissuade her, but none of them is crowned with success. The main character puts on her best dress, does makeup & says that she no longer wants to see Mack. Latter also convinced that he can do well without Mabel. Why not? He made a star out of the ordinary girl. Likely, he will be able to crank out this again. Only this time with someone else. At this point, director comes to the concept of his future masterpiece titled Bathing Beauties.
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