Mack & Mabel review

Mack & Mabel review

Mack & Mabel Review - Broadway musical

One of the main advantages of Mack & Mabel is a simple but at the same time interesting & coherent plot. It does not contain any unexpected twists. All events are moving in a fairly leisure manner. Someone might think that this is a con. Not at all. The absence of paced dynamics gives viewers the opportunity to become better acquainted with the characters, to imbue with their emotions and experiences. In addition, the main heroes of the musical are filmmakers, and so it will be doubly interesting to watch them. Writers, headed by M. Stewart, with maximum quality described each character. M. Sennett became very pragmatic character, often causing in the viewer neutral emotions or little sympathy. Mabel in this respect is much more ambiguous identity, which is characterized by the expression.

In this case, the musical success on one hundred percent is dependent from the actor's performance. R. Preston & B. Peters have done almost the best roles of their careers. As the columnist of The New York Times Walter Kerr noted, the actors managed to portray on stage completely different characters who, despite all the differences in the nature, surprisingly interact. Artists of the second roles also proved to be quite professional, but in this theatrical they did not attracted much attention.

Musical accompaniment is truly high quality and diverse. It blends harmoniously into all the musical episodes, once again highlighting their already strong atmosphere. Most of all here are comic tunes, but in the end of this creation, truly dramatic compositions dominate. Fiasco of Jerry Herman at various awards can be easily explained by a completely different musical orientation of the society. At that time, at the peak of popularity were the rock operas, but the composer continued to write the traditional music, to which many fans of musicals are simply accustomed.
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