Liza's at the Palace review

Liza's at the Palace Review - Broadway musical

Sometimes it seems that Liza Minnelli refuses to accept her age and comes up with all new complex tests. In another way to explain this thirty-day marathon is quite difficult. Almost every day, the actress spent on stage for two and a half hours. Besides, she did not stand on one place, but was continually singing, moving & living on the stage. People close to Minnelli repeatedly noted that during the shows she suffered physical and mental exhaustion. We must remember that at that time, actress already passed over 65 years. However, not this math, nor the physical condition prevent Liza to go out every night to her fans and to show them the incredible dedication.

As in the old days, Mrs. Minnelli is trying to look stylish and bright. Throughout the concert, she changed outfits and images. The actress begins her performance in soft white suit. She performs mostly comical composition and reads monologues. This part of the musical takes place without any action, but it is followed by a real blast! Minnelli returns to the stage in a short black dress, accompanied by 4 dancers-singers. From this point, concert proceeds with phase of pure drive. Diva performs a number of jazz compositions, including the Basin Street Blues, Clap Yo' Hands, Jubilee Time & others. Passions subside only in intermission. Subsequent events of Liza's at the Palace continue to be a benefit of one person. The show ends with fully deserved applause, praying the efforts of the actress.

Liza Minnelli is a good example for young artists. She embodies such concepts as commitment, continuous improvement and love to own work. Talent has many artists, but they will not let you survive, if you do not stick to the above principles. Even in her 65, actress does not do favors to herself and trying to show on the stage the absolute maximum. The composition New York, New York (visit card of Minnelli) is a perfect ending of this show. Liza Minnelli invests all soul, demonstrating the excellent choreography and acting. It is difficult to say when on Broadway will new such charismatic personality appears. Or perhaps, actress will get bored and return to the viewer with a new show?
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