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We'll Get Him lyrics

We'll Get Him


Who is this Barnardo chap who thinks he owns the town?
Someone's gotta show this mush that he needs some takin' down

(Rose & Cockneys)

We'll get him if it kills us all. That bloke is heading for a fall,
He's gotta go, we'll do him in, we'll get him in the end.


Who the hell does he think he is in everybody's way?
Someone's gotta sort him out, Barnardo's gotta pay.

(Rose & Cockneys)

We'll get him if its all we do. That bloke will very soon be through.
He's gotta go we'll do him in, we'll get him in the end.

Barbardo is a social pest his meddling days are gone.
We'll run the blighter outta town. Its time he's sat upon.

We'll get him if it means a war, he'll soon see what we're standing for.
He's gotta go we'll do him in we'll get him in the end.

We'll get, him, in, the, end.

[Thanks to Michelle Taylor for lyrics]
Last Update: June, 10th 2013

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