Likes of US, The synopsis

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Album lyrics:
  1. Act 1
  2. Overture
  3. Twice in Love Every Day
  4. I'm a Very Busy Man
  5. Love is Here
  6. Strange and Lovely Song
  7. The Likes of Us 
  8. How Am I to Know How Am I to Know Video
  9. This is My Time 
  10. We'll Get Him
  11. Lion-Hearted Land 
  12. We'll Get Him (Reprise) 
  13. Love is Here (Reprise) Love is Here (Reprise) Video
  14. A Man on His Own 
  15. Act 2
  16. Entr'acte 
  17. You Can Never Make it Alone 
  18. Hold A March 
  19. Will This Last Forever Will This Last Forever Video
  20. You Won't Care About Him Anymore You Won't Care About Him Anymore Video
  21. Going Going Gone Going Going Gone Video
  22. Man of the World 
  23. Have another Cup of Tea 
  24. A Strange and Lovely Song reprise 
  25. The Likes of Us reprise 

Likes of US, The synopsis

Likes of US, The Synopsis - Broadway musical

Action of musical transports audience to Gin Palace – a place amongst most famous pubs in London. Local girl, who can perfectly copes the men in audience, sings a sassy song. In parallel to event, beholders get acquainted with a fellow named Barnardo. He is educated & intellectually developed person. Our protagonist is from the so-called cockneys – the lower strata of London’s population. Once Barnardo was flinged off Gin Palace for an attempt to raise funds for good.

Wandering through the evening streets of London, Barnardo meets two young children. It turns out that the fellows live on rooftops without having any food, means for warming & so on. At this point, the main character realizes what a struggle for survival is. Barnardo imbued with a strong empathy toward younglings. He decides that the mission plans in China not as important as the same in home country. But the idea only is not enough. The main character will have to face not just human callousness & indifference. This is a situation where we are talking about the fate of young children.

Encouraged, Barnardo goes for help to Lord Shaftesbury. The protagonist is aware that to enlist the support of influential Englishmen would be incredibly difficult task. But suddenly Mr. Shaftesbury organizes a party at his house, & tells to high-ranking guests the remarkable story of Barnardo. Last receives necessary funds, which should be enough for the opening of the first children's home.

It would seem that things are starting to develop & soon hundreds of children from the streets will find a home. But many people are against to the idea of the mission of the protagonist, the fact that he gives to charity all the money he has got. Protagonist gets into many unpleasant financial situations, including the case where he is accused in fraud. In this case, any other would have given up long ago, but not our hero. With the support of his future wife Syrie, he overcomes all the difficulties. Finally comes the long awaited reward – Edinburgh Castle is exhibited on the auction. For a relatively small amount, it can become home to many homeless children. Barnardo is close to his dream as never before. Whether the protagonist will be able to implement fully his dreams? Fair ending of the story explains.
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