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I'm a Very Busy Man lyrics

I'm a Very Busy Man

Your views of me are quite beyond the pale
You assume I lead a life of total rest
When my day to day existence is a tale
Of neverending drive and zest

I hardly have a second I can truly call my own
It seems that every thirty minutes another hour has flown
The older you become the more you recognize the fact
One has little time to meditate and even less to act

If you stagnate and semi-slumber
You shall never make your mark
No slacker has succeeded
Since the days of Noah's ark

I can't exceed my alotted span
No matter how I try
But I've quite enough to do
Until I die

So you see how important
And imperative
Significant and vital
Is each second that we live

We must understand the gravity
Our lives will be futility
If we take
More than we can give

Them's just words
And we don't know
If they're true

When you ain't talkin
Jus' what else
Can you do?

I have books to read on medicine
Theology and law
There's a world I want to see
I want to know what life is for

I have hopes I have ambitions
I'll achieve them if I can
There's so much I want to do
I'm a very busy man

I'm a very busy man
And so when every day begins
I makes me out a list
Of me most essential sins

From the catalog advice
I choose me favorite for the fall
It's enough for the day
I never feel like any more

I am frankly unimpressed by your attitude
I am not convinced that you are on the ball
You could do worse than show a glimmering of gratitude
For the fact that you're alive at all

I am a very busy man
I have no time to throw away
I need twenty seven hours or more
In every working day

My hour to hour arrangements
Are a copmlicated squeeze
I do many things I have to do
In twos or even threes

I hardly have the time
To justify myself to you
There are many more important things
That I could find to do

Time never waits
And it's never on my side
My every waking moment
Must be fully occupied

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