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Album lyrics:
  1. Act 1
  2. Overture
  3. Twice in Love Every Day
  4. I'm a Very Busy Man
  5. Love is Here
  6. Strange and Lovely Song
  7. The Likes of Us 
  8. How Am I to Know How Am I to Know Video
  9. This is My Time 
  10. We'll Get Him
  11. Lion-Hearted Land 
  12. We'll Get Him (Reprise) 
  13. Love is Here (Reprise) Love is Here (Reprise) Video
  14. A Man on His Own 
  15. Act 2
  16. Entr'acte 
  17. You Can Never Make it Alone 
  18. Hold A March 
  19. Will This Last Forever Will This Last Forever Video
  20. You Won't Care About Him Anymore You Won't Care About Him Anymore Video
  21. Going Going Gone Going Going Gone Video
  22. Man of the World 
  23. Have another Cup of Tea 
  24. A Strange and Lovely Song reprise 
  25. The Likes of Us reprise 

Likes of US, The review

Likes of US, The Review - Broadway musical

This show tells the story of a great person. He has demonstrated to the world that it is possible to achieve the results, if not to deviate from the intended target. Besides, you have to obtain a huge heart, to do such tremendous and heart-touching things like organization of a child’s house, a shelter for many thousands younglings, to be available to take them away from the streets, to give warmth and some education.

The main task of producers was to demonstrate the process of formation of Thomas John Barnardo, as well as to emphasize the particularly dramatic and outstanding moments of his life and work. They coped fully with their mission. The story looks complete and causes great interest of viewers. At the beginning of the musical, many characters treat Barnardo with caution, seeing too idealistic person in him. But in the final stages, absolutely everyone empathizes with the main character. There is a considerable merit of an actor, played the role of a philanthropist. He was able to feel and to reveal his character thoroughly and fill it with the image of the desired emotions. Other actors coped also very good, particularly, ones performing children. Although they had parts of the second range.

The music accompaniment is an essential element of this play. Lyrical compositions dominate. They contain a certain touch of tragedy. Although it was not without a few cheerful songs. Love Is Here by James Moore (Johnny) and Amy Price (Jenny) sounds heart-felt and touching. Within a few minutes, this item charges the audience with positive emotions and gives hope for a happy ending of the story.

The main message of this production – never shut yourself off the problems of other people. Even in the absence of opportunity, you should always try to help this or that person, if you aspire. If you can do nice things – please, do them. The world is so nasty place that even a little help stays with us for many years. This is the only way you can make this world a better place. Of course, not all will be able to give hope for the future of thousands of human beings, but you may try to do your best in what you can.

T. J. Barnardo was a unique person, managed to get a really great success. But in the case of other people, even the smallest assistance is a victory, and very serious, especially if this person is about to die from hunger or from cold, sleeping on the bare ground. It would mean that the seeing of the musical is not in vain, and beholders still managed to draw the right conclusions.
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