Lennon synopsis

Lennon synopsis

Lennon Synopsis - Broadway musical

Not many great men have been awarded with such an honor as a staging of the musical performance, reflecting the life and creativity of ones. John Lennon is among the number of such people. Spectacle includes the most significant episodes of the life of Lennon, accompanied by his songs. One of the leading actors produces the narration; the other four played John Lennon at various stages of life.

The cast involves photographs from the personal archive of the musician's widow. This extraordinary woman as the whirlwind burst into his life and settled in his heart forever. Lennon adored her and terribly worried about bumping into rejection or misunderstanding of his beloved by others. Two loving people – John and Yoko – were always in the foreground. All other people who have passed through their lives, form a kind of background.

White piano involved in this musical as a symbol. This legendary instrument is still in the house of the widow of the singer. The final part of performance made very strongly: the curtain has fallen, and the actor who plays Lennon, was performing his song playing on the white piano.

The show is over. Last chords passed away, but the hall is still under the impression of the performance, enchanted by the legendary music.
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