Lennon review

Lennon review

Lennon Review - Broadway musical

Despite the ambiguous attitude of the journalists, the musical has been a boon to fans of the great musician. This also was a wonderful chance to see a great play of actors, which were given out on the stage entirely, and, of course, to hear the familiar (and not very) songs of the former participant of The Beatles. The greatest attention is given to the works of Lennon after he broke with the Beatles, as well as to his relationship with his wife.

Play gives the space for nine people of different ages and ethnicity: Will Chase, Chuck Cooper, Julie Danao Salkin, Julia Murney and others. Multinational composition of the troupe is very symbolic: it says about Lennon’s creativity significance for people throughout the world, regardless of nationality or race. The attitude of the actors to the roles entrusted to them is an indicator of aspiration to perform a great job. J. D. Salkin, American actress of Filipino origin, said that her role as Yoko Ono was a great honor for her. Underlining the major role of Yoko in the creation of this play, J. Danao said that this strong, courageous, and very beautiful woman supported them all.

The main idea was expressed by the author of the play Don Scardino. We have attempted to analyze the impact of Lennon’s art on the surrounding reality and how reality itself has influenced him – he said. Remarkable is review of Canadian musicians P. Allen & W. Shaffer. They think it was great. The play showed how classy the contribution of Lennon was not only to pop music, but also to the culture as a whole. If you hear his songs for the first time – you like them. But the more you listen to them, the more you understand their true meaning.

Here are the views of other spectators. One fellow said that the performance wasn’t great, but it will survive. Not being a fan of John Lennon, other told that it was a really good show, truthfully drawing the life of musician. Despite the ambiguity of the play, a musical is worth seeing, to honor the memory of Mr. Lennon, and listen to his creations.

The performance was subjected to repeated criticism of journalists. According to ones from New York Times, the lack of performance is its Ono-centricity, because it focuses on the period of life of Lennon with Yoko. Daily News newspaper had spoken even more emphatically. They noted that events in the play were as if filtered through Ono’s vision and only those people and events were reflected that she wanted to reveal there. According to them, the performance slightly shows an early period of his work, the first marriage, work with the Beatles. Reporters suggested opinion that they wanted to see a more complete disclosure of the great musician’s periods of living.

Despite the criticism, Lennon’s admirers took the play literally with a bang. In response to the attacks, Don Scardino, the author of the play, said that starting from a certain period, it is impossible to imagine life or work of the former The Beatles member separately from Yoko Ono. According to her, the musical had ridiculous and funny episodes, but Lennon’s murder scene brought tears to the eyes of most beholders. Each of the fans of the great Lennon as if lived his life, along with the actors of the play.

The musical has taken a worthy place among the performances on Broadway, which tell about famous artists (ABBA, legends of American rock Beach Boys and others).
Last Update:April, 21st 2016

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