You're Not Alone lyrics

You're Not Alone

No, love, you're not alone
It's all right if you cry
If things don't turn out right
All we can do is try
We'll see a show tonight
There's something we can buy
No, love, you're not alone
Don't let it get you down
It's just another day
And everything's turned brown
You've walked your bloody mile
I'll hold you for a while
No, love, you're not alone
I swear the sun will rise
I promise you you'll laugh
Here, love, dry your eyes
Come on.
Come, we've got each other now
That's got to be enough
Pretend you're really tough, love
Come on, love, come on
We've got each other now
And it that's not enough
Remember being young
The days all strung with bells
We caught the sea in shells
We conquered wishing wells
And songs of carousels, love
And if you still feel sad
Remember making love, it really wasn't bad
When that was all we had
The paradise in bed, remember that instead
Instead of all these sorrows
So rest here in my arms
For we still hold tomorrow
No, love, you're not alone
No matter how you feel
When shadows cut like knives
And none of this seems real
We wish away our lives
Yet somehow we survive
No, love, you're not alone
Your wounds one day will heal
Perhaps you feel too much
And maybe that's the crime
Perhaps you pray too much
And there isn't any shrine
No, love, you're not alone
I swear the earth will stay
White doves will soon fly down
I promise you your day
Come on.
Come. We'll sing old melodies
We'll sit with birds in trees
And sing for whom it pleases
Love, come on
We'll dance across the moon
Turn midnight into noon
Pour perfume on the breezes
Where nothing ever grows
Where no one ever goes
In lands of storms and snows
We'll plant one burning rose, love
And if you still feel sad
I'll seize the passing years
I'll squeeze out all the tears
The newsreel of our life
I'll play it in reverse
Your pain will fall away
We'll relive yesterday
And start where we began, love
We'll do it if we can, love
We'll do it if we can...
Come on, love. Come on. Come on. Come on.
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