Jacques Brel Is Alive and Well and Living in Paris review

Jacques Brel Is Alive and Well and Living in Paris Review - Broadway musical

Usually, before going to the musical, the audience waits for a performance with a certain plot, which is accompanied by numerous musical scenes. But in this case, everything appeared not as we expected. This musical is one continuous series of songs. But despite this, it doesn't become worse. The producer managed to connect all these, at first sight, different scenes, in one big full show.

In the musical, a viewer hears different songs of the various moods: from drama to love. But all of them are perfectly combined with each other. Therefore, it doesn't appear an impression that all scenes aren't connected, though at first, it seems impossible. For example, there are scenes from the street holiday, from the military operations and even from the wedding. It sometimes becomes difficult to follow all the changes of the scenery.

And there is a really large amount of ones. It should be noted that the work of the designer of a scene was brilliant. Despite a big variety of locations, it concerned each of them with heavy responsibility. And it was not in vain: such a bright show will be remembered by the viewers for a long time.

The same can be told about the suits. At the musical, there are also masquerade and daily suits, wedding dresses, military uniforms and so on. But each wardrobe item has been worked-out in details.

As for the songs, separate attention should be payed to them. Though they were translated into English, it is possible to hear melodies of the French romance in their execution. And it is a merit of the actors and their remarkable voices again. Music is a highlight of all show. It creates its unforgettable atmosphere.

The main advantage of this show is that it isn't focused on the narrow audience. This musical will give pleasure to everyone, who loves bright representations and just wants to listen to good music. “Jacques Brel Is Alive and Well and Living in Paris” is a kaleidoscope of images and songs and an excellent way to spend your evening.
Last Update:April, 19th 2016

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