Even Though lyrics - I Love You Because

Even Though lyrics

Even Though

When you first told me you loved me
I was more than just a little bit surprised
But then you left and I realized
There was something about you
Something, so that I couldn`t live without you

And even though you`re just a little bit pretentious
Even though you`re more traditional than my dad
Even though you drove me crazy from hello
You touch a part of me I didn`t even know I had

And so, I need to say I want you anyway
I want you anyway
Even though this might not be the perfect way to tell you
But, perfection never was what I did best
Two months ago, I never would have guessed
That I`d compare to `you know who`
But now I know I belong with you

And even though I think your way of life is different
Even though there`s not a single thing we share
Even though you`re not like anyone I know
You take me to a place I didn`t even know was there

And so, I need to say I choose you anyway
I choose you anyway
Even though the night when I first met you
You were freakish
Now look at us, we both have come so far
You`re not different
I`m not different
But, it`s all together different
`Cause I love you in spite of who you are

And even though you`re so much paler than my dream man
Even though you`re such a dork and I don`t feel the way I should
Even though I should stop, well here I go
I love you in a way I didn`t even know I could

And so, I need to say I love you anyway
I love you anyway
Even though

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