I Love You Because review

I Love You Because Review - Broadway musical

The musical became a tremendous interpretation of immortal classics. The musical, which is based on Jane Austen's novel “Pride & Prejudice”, became a worthy modern embodiment of this work. Of course, the musical doesn't repeat the plot of the book completely. But the main idea of the novel, written by this writer, is transferred ideally. In the center of a plot, which is rather banal at first sight, are the relationships of two young couples. A heart of Austin, who writes verses for the cards, is injured. He finds out that his girlfriend makes a fool of him but can't forget her. The inability to leave the past prevents him from beginning the new relations with charming Mercy, who tries to help the guy in every possible way. Nevertheless, Marcy is very proud to date the guy, in whom she sees some shortcomings.

The Austin's brother, in his turn, looks after Marcy's friend. It turns out not unsuccessfully for him. But because of his prejudice that love relations can spoil friendship, he can't begin to live with her happily. What will put an end to misunderstanding of young people?

Despite simplicity of the plot, it is very interesting to watch the actions and the development of the relations between the couples. The actors play very sincerely. In their acting, they excellently reflect those defects, which sometimes prevent people from living rich and happy life. The musical will be suitable for both youth and people of older age, because all the mistakes, which people can make during any period of their life, are shown here. As for dances and songs, they were made very professionally. What pleases most of all? Of course, the abundance of unusual, but, at the same time, romantic jazz compositions, which have recently become a rarity for Broadway musicals. It’s possible to tell with confidence, that this music will keep a viewer’s feet tapping all the time, while s/he watches the show.

In general, "I Love you because" is a pretty comedy about love, with excellent jokes and high-quality technical part. If the viewers want to spend time easily and cheerfully, then this show is especially for them.
Last Update:April, 06th 2016

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