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  2. High Society 
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  9. Once upon a Time
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  12. High Society/Let's Misbehave 
  13. I'm Getting Myself Ready for You 
  14. Just One of Those Things 
  15. Well Did You Evah?/You're Sensational 
  16. Say It With Gin 
  17. It's All Right With Me 
  18. He's a Right Guy 
  19. I Love You, Samantha
  20. Samantha/True Love (Reprise) 

Once upon a Time lyrics

Once upon a Time

Once upon a time,
Or so the story goes,
There lived a little well-read girl just perfect I suppose,
Lucky little princess in her hand-embroidered dress,
Called out "Am I a princess?"
And the whole world answered "Yes"

See how well she rides,
See how boys adore her,
Who would not rush to turn the tides and stop the planets for her,
No wonder she grew up believing she was utterly sublime,
But that was once upon a time.

Life was so much fun,
Love was better still,
But fairytales don't seem to end the way you think they will,
Happily ever after isn't as it looks,
For happily ever after is for princesses in books.

All at once the air,
Feels a little colder,
As if the world had turned it's back and somehow no-one told her,
In fact until she was this morning life was absolutely prime,
But that was once upon a time.
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