High Society synopsis

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Album lyrics:
  1. Act 1
  2. High Society 
  3. Ridin' High 
  4. Throwing a Ball Tonight 
  5. Little One 
  6. Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?
  7. I Love Paris 
  8. She's Got That Thing 
  9. Once upon a Time
  10. True Love
  11. Act 2
  12. High Society/Let's Misbehave 
  13. I'm Getting Myself Ready for You 
  14. Just One of Those Things 
  15. Well Did You Evah?/You're Sensational 
  16. Say It With Gin 
  17. It's All Right With Me 
  18. He's a Right Guy 
  19. I Love You, Samantha
  20. Samantha/True Love (Reprise) 

High Society synopsis

High Society Synopsis - Broadway musical

George and a secular woman Tracey plan a magnificent wedding. They are going to invite the mother, a conflict sister and a forgetful uncle to the ceremony. He organizes a party in his house before the wedding. Tracey's ex-husband comes to the house. He says that the reporters Mike and Liz will be present at a party. They will come to the ceremony under the guise of the guests. The man says that he has invited them to anger Tracey's father. He left her mother for the other woman. Dexter convinces Tracey's sister that he has only good intentions.

The reporters come. The sisters pretend that nothing is known about their plan. Tracey says that Willie is her father. However, unexpectedly for everyone, her real father appears. The woman has to pretend that he is her uncle. Dexter reminds the ex-wife of their relations. She is confused, but remembers several fine moments with her ex-husband. Besides, the lady thinks that the reporter Mike is quite lovely. She drinks champagne before the beginning of the party. She continues to do it during also after the party. The drunk woman dances with Mike and the other men. George is angry. Dina approaches Dexter, who is going to leave the party. She says to him that he is a coward, because he leaves, knowing about what champagne can do to Tracey.

George reminds Tracey that the wedding will take place tomorrow and that she has to behave decently. Drunk Mike kisses Tracey and calls her to the swimming-pool. They make love. Tracey's father sends signs of attention to her mother, and the uncle does the same to Liz, while the girl loves Mike. In the morning, Tracey understands that her wedding and reputation have been beaten. She reunites with Dexter and marries him, as they have already paid for a wedding. At the end, a viewer sees happy couples: Dexter and Tracey, her parents, Liz and Mike.
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