High Society review

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Album lyrics:
  1. Act 1
  2. High Society 
  3. Ridin' High 
  4. Throwing a Ball Tonight 
  5. Little One 
  6. Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?
  7. I Love Paris 
  8. She's Got That Thing 
  9. Once upon a Time
  10. True Love
  11. Act 2
  12. High Society/Let's Misbehave 
  13. I'm Getting Myself Ready for You 
  14. Just One of Those Things 
  15. Well Did You Evah?/You're Sensational 
  16. Say It With Gin 
  17. It's All Right With Me 
  18. He's a Right Guy 
  19. I Love You, Samantha
  20. Samantha/True Love (Reprise) 

High Society review

High Society Review - Broadway musical

Many years later, after a premiere of "Philadelphian Story" was released, one more musical version of this play appeared. It was bright and fervent, as well as the majority of the musicals, based on the books of those years. High society contains: luxury, smart houses, cars, continuous receptions and parties. To get to high society is a dream for many inhabitants. They think that entertainment and rest wait for them. All these things are a shelter of idlers. Nevertheless, a number of people wishing to visit the high society at least once doesn't become less now, as 50 years ago.

But behind all this facade and carefree life, there are the same human passions. How to choose the man, with whom you will be happy for many years? How not to lose him? Such questions have risen before Tracey Samantha Lord, the daughter of the rich and respectable owner of the firm. Having married Dexter Heaven, the neighbor from not less respectable sort, she was not attracted with his work of the crooner. Being dissatisfied with prospects of this marriage, she chose a new groom for herself, George, who operates the firm of her father. Blinded by opportunities and status, she didn't notice the romantics of life with Dexter and their true love at all. But a plain reporter Mike Connor, who does not understand the lifestyle of high society at all, opened her eyes. Tracey falls in love with him. For the young girl, who is searching for both the status and romantics, it will be very difficult to get out of this love quadrangle.

Not every woman will cope with such a difficult role. And the actress, who has been chosen for a leading role, is more suitable for this part than anybody else. A viewer will be struck by a duet of two main characters: Tracey and George. The owners of fine velvety voices decorate this simple, cheerful musical with the songs, which are not less beautiful than the actors. It is difficult not to mention the song "True Love", where Tracey sings in a duet with Dexter. A viewer will be also surprised by good vocal skills of Dina. And of course, it is not possible to forget about a jazz musician playing Mike, whose orchestra accompanies such fine voices.

The musical can't brag of the rich scenery. All the actions happen on the territory of the house, which belongs to Tracey's uncle. But even this location was very detailed and transferred the atmosphere of luxury. The shortage of varieties in the scenery was compensated by the costumes: the costumier really worked hard here! The feeling of presence amongst luxury and wealth will definitely not abandon a viewer. Of course, the most beautiful dress in this performance is a wedding dress of Tracey. The audience will be pleased by a magnificent woman in mesmerizing attires.

Certainly, this amazing performance will be excellent pastime for those, who adore jazz music or just want to have a rest and receive the portion of good mood, positive, and romantics. And of course, for those, who want to plunge, at least for a couple of hours, into the carefree atmosphere of High Society.
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