High School On Stage review

High School On Stage Review - Broadway musical

It turned out to be worthy continuation of the viewers’ favorite musical on a scene. The show appeared to be quality and professional. Bright heroes, interesting plot are still its main features. Dancing and music performances are amazing, and sports are at the top too, though in the original film, there are less of them. There is a set of ridiculous episodes, amusing hints in the plot, but it is not trite. All these things are as they have to be. And it pleases. Now, some words about the plot. The fact that two heroes, a basketball player and a chemistry-genius girl decided to become friends and to go to the audition, leads to the mass of misunderstanding. Moreover, their choice isn't approved in the beginning and is even derided by their friends. But it is important to make such a step, if you really want and if it is your dream, even at the cost of friends’ loss.

By the way, some words about the friends. They turned out true ones, because they don't leave the main heroes. The guys understood them and their decision and even helped Gabriella and Troy. Then protagonists turn into a couple — self-assured Troy and a modest girl Gabriella. All the characters are very light, kind and iridescent. Even the main negative character Sharpay doesn't irritate at all and, on the contrary, causes affection. The cast is young; there isn’t any bored person, which is an additional advantage of the performance. As it has been told above, dances are at the top level. There are no mistakes, everything is accurate, just ideal! What impresses most of all is the moment, when all the school dances. It was really grandiose!

There is a wish to tell special thanks to the decorator and costumiers. The design of a scene and dresses of the students were remarkable. Everything was very bright and immersed into the atmosphere of carefree youth and a general holiday. The musical teaches us some good things in life, true friendship and love, persistence in the achievement of purposes and the ability to be yourself. Therefore, it should be watched by everyone. It isn't necessary to perceive the show as the musical, which is created only for children and teenagers. It is suitable for the wide audience. In general, everything appeared to be beautiful and positive. After the performance, the thought "Dances rules the world!" won't leave a viewer for a long time. Of course, there is a part of truth that almost all Disney productions are naive, predictable and everything has a happy end, but it is so pleasant to watch!
Last Update:October, 06th 2020

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