High School On Stage synopsis

High School On Stage Synopsis - Broadway musical

The show begins with a scene at school. Troy says to his friends that he has met Gabriella. Then Sharpay and her brother Rayan appear. The girl is very vainglorious and constantly demands that Rayan should follow her orders. He agrees, but at the same time, he doesn't want to quarrel with anybody. In the following scene, a viewer is transferred to the moment at a party, when Troy and Gabriella meet.

Imperceptible and modest Kelsey writes her own version of "Romeo and Juliette". The students put show on the stage under the guidance of the teacher’s plan. At a lesson, Gabriella enters the class. Troy can't believe in it. He dials her number, which she has given him. The teacher, who hates mobiles at the lesson, punishes them and the guys, who interceded for them. Troy and Gabriella meet and talk in the corridor. Sharpay notices that Troy isn't indifferent to Gabriella.

Gabriella shows her knowledge at a chemistry lesson. Taylor suggests her to take part in the competitions with her team. But the girl refuses. They are overheard by Sharpay. Rayan and she find information about her on the Internet and enclose it into the Taylor’s locker. She publicly calls Gabriella to join their team once again and she has to agree. Sharpay and Rayan apply for receiving leading roles in the musical. But the teacher notices Troy and Gabriella singing the song before the audition and appoints the second one especially for them. Sharpay is angry. Meanwhile, the students of the school stop to be afraid to declare their dreams and desires. Troy and Gabriela dance on the roof of the school.

Sharpay says to the teacher that Troy's father (the basketball coach at school) and his son want to break the audition, because Troy was punished by her. The teacher, in her turn, speaks with the trainer. He thinks that the reason of Troy's failures is Gabriella, and says to the son that he needs to do sports, not music. They quarrel. The sportsmen repeat the words of his father and, being in rage, Troy pretends that he doesn't like Gabriella. It is recorded on the video and shown to the girl. She is very upset. Troy tries to convince Gabriella that he has told these words not seriously, but just because he was angry. She trusts him. Sharpay changes dates of the audition, so that they coincide with Troy and Gabriela's competitions. They say to their teams that they won't participate in the musical because of it. But the teams promise to help them. They persuade the teacher to allow a delay and she agrees. As a result, Troy and Gabriella's teams win competitions. The students celebrate their victory together and sing the final song.
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