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What I Dreamed Last Night (reprise) lyrics

What I Dreamed Last Night (reprise)

Look at this place, what a fabulous home
She doesn't know what she's got
This kitchen's too sexy
Formica and chrome
And linoleum just gets me hot
There's a strange little yearning
A twinge that I get
When I think about breakfast
At my own dinette set
My dreams are simple
They'd never guess
I dream about wet hands, an apron
And a gingham dress
I've treasured independence all these years
So it makes no sense
To dream about two motorbikes and
Lots of trikes behind a picket fence

Pinky, Marion, Joanie (3 part):
Wonderful feeling
Like something inside me just woke up
It was a powerful feeling
Of changing the world
If I just spoke up

I can ask him to go steady

It's time to set things right

I want a home of my own
Yes, I want what I dreamed
What I dreamed last night

Pinky, Marion, Joanie:
I want what I want and
I want it now
Forget what traditions of the past allow
I want what I want and
I'm willing to fight
'Cause I want what I want

Want what I dreamed

Marion & Joanie:
I want what I felt

Yes I want what I dreamed

Pinky, Marion, Joanie:
Last night

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