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Happy Days Lyrics

  1. Act 1
  2. Welcome to Wisconsin
  3. Snap
  4. The Thing About Girls The Thing About Girls Video  add
  5. Romeo Midnight Romeo Midnight Video  add
  6. Leopards Are We/The Plaque Leopards Are We/The Plaque Video  add
  7. The Pink's in Town
  8. What I Dreamed Last Night What I Dreamed Last Night Video  add
  9. Hot Love Hot Love Video  add
  10. Message in the Music
  11. Maybe It's Time to Move On Maybe It's Time to Move On Video  add
  12. Act 2
  13. Run
  14. Legend in Leather
  15. "Aaay"mless "Aaay"mless Video  add
  16. Malachis Malachis Video  add
  17. What I Dreamed Last Night (reprise)
  18. Guys Like Us Guys Like Us Video  add
  19. Bikini Beauty Bikini Beauty Video  add
  20. Dancing on the Moon
  21. Ordinary Hero
  22. Finale Finale Video  add

The musical “Happy Days” is one of a few cases when show is based on the series, and not vice versa. The first performance took place in California. Mr. Marshal, his sister and daughter became the producers. R. Skinner was responsible for the choreography.

For the second time, the audience saw the musical in Opera Theater in Connecticut. The producers, who were G. Greenberg and M. Lynch, said that this version was more advanced. They also created a show in New Jersey. After successful performances, the production has gone to Broadway. The actors were the following: J. Sorge, F. Finley, S. Booth and C. Ferrer.

The idea of the musical was successful not only in America. The version of the show was also created in Italy by S. Marconi. The following actors took part in it: R. Simone, F. Monici, L. Giacomelli, J. Pelliccia and S. Marciano. Since 2014, the musical, as a part of B. Freeman, H. Range and C. Baker, has been going on tour across America and Great Britain.
Release date: 2007
Last Update:March, 10th 2016

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