Happy Days review

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Album lyrics:
  1. Act 1
  2. Welcome to Wisconsin
  3. Snap
  4. The Thing About Girls The Thing About Girls Video
  5. Romeo Midnight Romeo Midnight Video
  6. Leopards Are We/The Plaque Leopards Are We/The Plaque Video
  7. The Pink's in Town
  8. What I Dreamed Last Night What I Dreamed Last Night Video
  9. Hot Love Hot Love Video
  10. Message in the Music
  11. Maybe It's Time to Move On Maybe It's Time to Move On Video
  12. Act 2
  13. Run
  14. Legend in Leather
  15. "Aaay"mless "Aaay"mless Video
  16. Malachis Malachis Video
  17. What I Dreamed Last Night (reprise)
  18. Guys Like Us Guys Like Us Video
  19. Bikini Beauty Bikini Beauty Video
  20. Dancing on the Moon
  21. Ordinary Hero
  22. Finale Finale Video

Happy Days review

Happy Days Review - Broadway musical

The modern theater has a tendency to cause nostalgic feelings in the viewers’ hearts. The creators revived the series that made the audience in 70-s enjoy and embodied them on a scene. It is possible to tell that it has turned out to be quite successful. The producers managed to choose the brightest plot lines and images, which were remembered by people, thanks to the series, and to gather them in a whole, having turned the show into a stream of pleasant memories. Of course, it is impossible to put the whole series in a couple of hours on the stage. For this reason, admirers of the series can be critical to the musical. Someone will miss his favorite lines, which have remained unmentioned in the show. But in any case, the musical won't leave anybody indifferent. Especially if a viewer is an admirer of series, the performance is worth watching. At least, the comparison of a TV show and musical is quite interesting.

The story is about young people and their families of the 50-60s years. Of course, it would be nothing without the spirit of that time. And, as always, it impresses the audience very much.

First of all, it was reflected in design of the performance. Bright suits are evident. Magnificent colorful dresses put on girls, clothes of "hooligans" and "cool guys" put on boys – all these things don't allow a viewer to miss them due to their variety. Sometimes the audience’s eyes don't even know what to glance for.

Light and scenery designs are also made on the top-levels and allow plunging into the atmosphere of that time. The only thing that it is possible to carp at is vocal. Sometimes the actors don't cope with their parties. But it is compensated by the excellent choreography. What about the audience that could like the musical, it may consist of both the adults, who are familiar to the series, and young boys and girls, who have never heard about it. The only advice, which can be given to the young audience, is to get acquainted with a plot in advance, because it is possible to get confused in this variety of actors.

By the way, transformation of one of the heroines can surprise old admirers of the series. Merion will turn from an ordinary housewife into a modern woman. In general, the performance leaves only positive impressions. At least, it is very courageous and interesting attempt to embody the screen version on a scene. For everyone, who wants to enjoy the atmosphere of the middle of the last century, to feel "command spirit", to be delighted by good humor, or even to remember the youth, the musical “Happy Days” will be a good choice.
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