Hamilton synopsis

Hamilton synopsis

Hamilton Synopsis - Broadway musical

Can we call a thing more boring than the history? Everyone can remember the long hours spent on the school bench under monotonic and gray monologue of teacher, reading paragraph by paragraph, to enter steadily and firmly in the young stupid heads the chronology from the beginning of times until today. But sometimes there is nothing more fascinating than the history. At all the pages of books, written by bored pundits, contain no drop of inspiration, not a grain of creativity. Musical «Hamilton», created by Lin-Manuel Miranda, is an outstanding example, of how the history should be revealed.

Miranda spent six long years of hard and tireless work on his own brainchild, being inspired by the biography of his native country and its founding fathers, especially the notorious Alexander Hamilton. The plot plunges us into the story of the life of one of the great politicians, says about his childhood, the years of a long and hard studying, and finally, about his formation as a political figure, skillfully touching the threads of fate of great state, during the fight for its independence. The story takes us to the atmosphere of the time, and every detail is thought out so that the film captivates us entirely. This musical is as close to modern musical trends as possible: its motifs include smooth melodies of romantic and lyrical works, and after, the ricochet of hip-hop beats on our hearing. Seemingly boring talks about finances and war, usually prompting boredom on the viewer, now transformed into real musical battles, under hip-hop.

Alexander Hamilton lived before in the minds of only a dry summaries of the handbooks about the history. And his face is on a ten-bill. Now he comes to life and is presented to the audience on the stage as simple, perfectly ordinary mortal person, capable of making mistakes, looking for ways to retreat and solutions, in love or naive, strict or cruel politician – this all matters. He is alive. This story takes us in his journey from the very beginning, proving that we are all humans, no matter how great we were. It captivates and attracts. So much, that tickets on this presentation fly out with incredible speed, and many famous people of our time (for example, President Barack Obama and lots of movie stars) considered it as their duty to attend the musical. And more than once!
Last Update:April, 04th 2019

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