Hairspray synopsis

Hairspray synopsis

Hairspray Synopsis - Broadway musical

The basis of the show is the same-titled movie Hairspray of 1988, fiercely popular motion picture. The plot unfolds in the era of the 1960s, the time of bright costumes, magnificent hairstyles and pep music. At this time from scenes and radio broadcasts, jazz and blues went off almost entirely, losing own iconic popularity and new styles and fashion trends were emerging.

The action takes place in Baltimore. The TV company decides to hold a prestigious dance competition among teenagers and to choose the winners. Beautiful, fashionable, confident in themselves and their talent, they fill the studio to take part in a severe selection. They dance together, in pairs or individually, and strict jury legibly weeds out those who seem to them not very talented.

Young Tracy Turnblad follows the TV show with great interest, dreaming to get there one day, but there is one "but": the girl has an excessive weight. And in general, her outward appearance gives up to the other participants from wealthy families. Even her mother constantly repeats that she is not for such events. Anyway, Tracy decides that she should at least try. At first, they don’t even want to let gingerbread little girl to the studio, but give her a chance to show herself. She shows so well that is passed to the competition. And then happens what no one expected: she becomes a local star. She is recognized on the streets and asked for autographs, handsome gays make declarations of love, and school girls madly jealous her. But when comes a time when the partner is chosen for the pair dance, the girl, without hesitations, chooses the most beautiful guy, but the head of the broadcast is a racist, and he is against such a choice. Then a girl arranges a small rebellion in support of abolition of racial segregation, and that does not prevent her to get a crown of the winner of the contest.
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