Hairspray review

Hairspray review

Hairspray Review - Broadway musical

Young and cheerful Tracy Ternblad is a vivid example of the power of the spirit and of a positive attitude. She does not get upset about her overweight, old-fashioned hairstyle, or not enough expensive clothes. Tracy opens the edges of perception that were relevant at all times and in all countries: we must be able to accept and love ourselves, believe in what you do, so others treated you differently, depending not only on external beauty.

The author of the original film, John Waters, possesses quite eccentric views on the world. His other films were not as well known, as the works themselves were designed for a different stratum of society, not falling into the scopes of the mainstream, which, however, did not prevent him to create this picture. Each character, created by him, is unique and has vivid characteristic colors. There are no slack in the story, the transition from one event to another goes swiftly, but smoothly and correctly, and that rejoices.

Staging quite subtly and sarcastically reveals to the audience the shortcomings of society, and makes fun of them. This applies not only to the problem of adolescent’s uncertainty and belittling of differing from the crowd (fat, poor, ugly), but also the division of people on the white-skinned and black-skinned, with the discrimination of the latter ones. The main character is not a model from the cover, managed to become the idol of many, showing that the main thing is honesty, kindness and talent. That important for people is to understand that "to be loved" is not identical "to be perfect in everything".

The show included a lot of humorous moments that lead to pull the lips into a smile and leaving a pleasant precipitate. The music deserves special attention. It is memorable, vivid, relevant at all times good old rock'n'roll is pleasantly mellifluous and generally fits the mood, which the creators wanted to show. We are glad also that in the musical (as well as in re-done film of 2007) they decided assign a man on the role of the main character mother’s. Harvey Fierstein perfectly coped with this task, revealing at the scene own character not worse than the bohemian Divine, Harris Glenn Milstead, on the screen.

The musical, like the film, has collected a large amount of positive feedback and enthusiastic comments as the picture, in which all the evils of society are exposed to light funny and in totally unobtrusive way.
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