Guys and Dolls synopsis

Guys and Dolls synopsis

Guys and Dolls Synopsis - Broadway musical

Nathan Detroit is a hardened gambler. He is an expert in his own field and arranges the big games for the big people. His only difficulty at this time is the need to find somewhere the $1,000 and to get away from under dangerous sight of Lieutenant Brannigan.

The question is about the place of the game’s conduction, because in the whole New York City there is only one safe corner left – garage in Baltimore, however, a large deposit was requested for it. Detroit should look for that kind of money in a short time, and he finds a way out, when he suddenly hits a man known in that he can make a bet on anything – Sky Masterson. By negligence, Sky offers Detroit a deal just for that necessary amount, betting that he can take with him to Havana the next day any woman that he only wants to, but Nathan takes this opportunity to call him, earnestly believing that Sarah Brown, leader of the organization "rescue mission shower", will not go for that.

Detroit is absolutely sure that the righteous Sarah would not agree to go to Cuba with a man like Sky. Sly Masterson makes a deal with the girl, promising her a dozen of sinners, if she will have dinner with him. Fortunate circumstances convince Sarah to the necessity of this step, and Sky goes with her to Havana.

Of course, it could not happen so that an elegant love line would not opened. For one evening with each other, both realize that their feelings are anxiously huddle on edge, but the next morning, when early they returned to New York, Sarah learns that Sky made a bet on her and that, in her opinion, he is responsible for holding a big game. A man cannot convince her otherwise, but he still remembers his promise about a dozen sinners, and although Sarah does not believe him, he is convinced that he must do for her everything he can.

So Masterson is sent to Nathan, to give him 1000, falsifying his loss, and after bets on the game, to conclude deals with all gamblers on their souls if he wins, against $ 1,000 in case of his loss. After the game, won by Masterson, all participants go to the "Mission", at a huge surprise of Sarah, who admits that she should believe in Mr. Sky.

Mr. Detroid eventually, quite sincerely repents, apologizes to his bride that he could not take as a wife for 14 years, and forgets gambling, becoming a decent person. This is all done for the sake of dollies, which they love, after which the name to this show was given.
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