Guys and Dolls review

Guys and Dolls Review - Broadway musical

Colorful, easy and funny. This show perfectly conveys the atmosphere of the early years of twentieth century in New York. Gambling, good humor, fascinating and engaging choreography look smooth on scene and music immerses in the story of the gambling business, of guys and their long-suffering "dolls".

Light veil of romance in the couple's relationship, which all fourteen years have celebrated annually their engagement, not being able to get married because of him, and in a weightless naivety of flared love of two young hearts.

We can say that Frank Lussera really managed to create a pleasant picture, beholding which you can enjoy, being distracted from, of course, much more gray reality.

Staging quite rightly was awarded with the prize as the best musical of the year, and after time passed, it has been included in the list of best musicals (landed on 23rd place out of 25), according to the American Film Association.

The main roles were assigned to outstanding actor that has been a key to the success of the performance. Robert Alda perfectly demonstrated on stage handsome Sky, and his duet with Isabel Bigley (Sarah Brown) looked very harmoniously and smoothly. Vivian Blaine (who, incidentally, played the role of the bride of Nathan Detroid in the movie) looked good in a company of Sam Levene (Nathan). Talented cast was perceived well, and the actors were fully able to help each other to reveal their characters.
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