Hope lyrics - Groundhog Day

Hope lyrics


There will be mornings you will be utterly defeated by your laces
Days where every look looks condescending
Empty smiles in empty faces
The same old places this stunning stasis

Just let your spirit slip away
Let all your troubles crumble and decay
There’s more than one way out if at the end of the day
You’re at the end of your rope

Never give up hope
Never let yourself be defeated
If you tried it once you can try again
A new day will follow
There’s always tomorrow

ENSEMBLE: never give up hope

Never listen to the unbelievers
You will take your falls
You will hit your walls
Don’t give into sorrow

ENSEMBLE: There’s always tomorrow

I never lasted farcical disaster
You play your part
You march the march
You don’t complain
You find a way
Another day
Surrounded by a cast of half-wit bastards
Grinning masks amidst the grey
Yet you stay sane and through the pain
The frozen pain of glass
You strain to cast your gaze upon the path you have to tread
And in your head that leaden dread
the fucking roads have all been trod
And there’s no way and there’s no God
And god oh god this goddamn weather
Will last forever but you must never, never, never

Never give up hope
Never let the odds overwhelm you
You know the game gets hard
Don’t throw in your cards
A new day will follow

ENSEMBLE: There’s always tomorrow

I’ve done everything I can
I’ve done my best and I
And I’ve tried so hard to find my way out of this mess but I
But I’m so tired
I swear to you I’ve tried
And sometimes I just want to give up
Just give up and stay here and live
But I know there’s no point in denying that I will keep trying
I’m a lot of things
But I’m not a quitter
I will never give up, never give up, never give up

Never give up hope
Never let yourself be defeated
You tried it once, you tried it again
There’s always tomorrow

ENSEMBLE: If it isn’t today have a little faith there’s always tomorrow

Hold on to your faith
You’ll find another way
After acid and gas and guns
And razors and rope
You may wanna live
But baby don’t give up

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