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The Grand Parade lyrics

The Grand Parade

Velvet stairs, easy chairs
perfumed air gently blowing.
Chandeliers light appears
burning bright, crystal glowing.

People come people go
wave of life overflowing
Come! Begin! In old Berlin,
you're in the Grand Hotel.

Grand Hotel, Grand Hotel Music constantly playing.
Grand Hotel, living well, where the wealthy are staying.
Round and round, hear the sound hear what people are saying
It's the din of old Berlin You're in the Grand Hotel.

Velvet stairs
At the Grand you are at the Grand

eas - y chairs
At the Grand you are at the Grand

perfu- - med air gent'ly
At the Grand you are at t h e

Grand Hotel

Chande... ..liers
At the Grand you are at the Grand

Light ap- -pears
At the Grand you are at the Grand

burn- -ing bright, crystal
At the Grand you are at t h e

glow- -ing
at the Grand, at the Grand, at the Grand Ho- tel.

In they come, out they go
Wave of life overflowing.
Come begin in old Berlin
You're in the Grand Hotel.

"Grand Hotel, Berlin. Always the same
people come, people go. Look at them.
Living the high life. But time is running out.
Elizaveta Grushinskaya, a fabeled ballerina on her
farewell tour. Raffaela Ottanio, her devoted compagnion.
Hermann Preysing, a business man, reporting to his
stock-holders. Frieda Flaemm, a typist - but not for long.
Otto Kringelein, a book-keeper, looking for "life".
The young and handsome baron Felix Amadeus Benvenuto
von Gaigern, a noble-man - and a thief. There's nothing
more useless on this planet than a noble-man without

Come begin in old Berlin
You're in the Grand Hotel.
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