Grand Hotel synopsis

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Album lyrics:
  1. Act 1
  2. The Grand Parade
  3. Some Have, Some Have Not 
  4. As It Should Be 
  5. At the Grand Hotel /Table With a View At the Grand Hotel /Table With a View Video
  6. Maybe My Baby Loves Me
  7. Fire and Ice Fire and Ice Video
  8. Twenty Two Years /Villa On a Hill Twenty Two Years /Villa On a Hill Video
  9. I Want To Go To Hollywood
  10. Everybody's Doing It 
  11. As It Could Be 
  12. The Crooked Path 
  13. Who Couldn't Dance With You? Who Couldn't Dance With You? Video
  14. No Encore 
  15. Act 2
  16. Love Can't Happen Love Can't Happen Video
  17. What You Need What You Need Video
  18. Bonjour Amour Bonjour Amour Video
  19. H-A-P-P-Y
  20. I Waltz Alone 
  21. H-A-P-P-Y (Reprise) 
  22. Roses at the Station Roses at the Station Video
  23. How Can I Tell Her? 
  24. At the Grand Hotel 
  25. As It Should Be 
  26. The Grand Parade/Some Have, Some Have Not (Reprise) 
  27. The Grand Waltz The Grand Waltz Video

Grand Hotel synopsis

Grand Hotel Synopsis - Broadway musical

Action of the musical happens in prestigious hotel in Berlin after World War I. Visitors come and leave. There is a cynical doctor among them. The wounds, which he got during the war, still disturb him. Therefore, he resorts to treatment by morphine. A concierge waits for son. His wife is going to have a very difficult delivery.

The beautiful and charming baron uses his qualities to get the room in the crowded hotel. The dangerous gangster pretends to be the driver. Russian ballerina, who thinks she is already too old for her work, also lives among inhabitants of hotel. However, her assistants want to convince her in returning to ballet. Otto, the accountant, has a fatal disease. He is going to spend all saved money on beautiful life. Baron helps Otto to get the place in the hotel.

The fabrics production director hears that his business in Boston has a financial crash, but he doesn't tell his clients about this fact. He goes to Boston in hope to restore it and asks the secretary to go there with him. Meanwhile she dreams about Hollywood and is afraid of pregnancy. Nevertheless, it doesn't prevent her from flirt with other men. The ballerina fails her performance. She comes back to the hotel and looks for Baron. He tries to steal the precious necklace and give it to the gangster. But he says to ballerina that he is her great admirer. They fall in love with each other, nevertheless. They are going to marry in Vienna and agree to meet at the station.

The concierge wants to be present on the childbirth, but the manager doesn’t give him any free time. Baron convinces the Jewish accountant to help him. Otto commits murder at night. Meanwhile, the gangster convinces Baron to steal director’s money. He gives him a weapon. Baron steals a wallet. At this time, the director tries to rape the secretary. The baron hears her shouts and tries to protect her, but the director takes away Baron’s weapon and kills him. He is arrested.

The ballerina doesn't meet Baron. She is offended and learns about his death only after arrival to Vienna. Otto invites the secretary to Paris as he has enough sums to spend life beautifully. The secretary realizes that she has feelings about Otto. Assistant concierge now is a father of boy. His wife bears the childbirth successfully. The cynical doctor says final words about that people leave and come, but nothing changes.
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