Girl of the Pi Beta Phi lyrics - Good News

Girl of the Pi Beta Phi lyrics

Girl of the Pi Beta Phi

Girls! This is the last game we?ll ever attend as students!

Our last sorority open house!

My last year as president!

We may never see each other again!

No more parties! No more GYM!

No more pi beta phi

Happy are the days we spend together,
In pi beta phi,
All our hearts are lighter than a feather,
As the years go by.

Parting has to come with graduation,
Parting doesn`t mean a separation,
For our hearts are bound as with a tether,
To pi beta phi.

Here, and there, and everywhere,
There`s a girl of the pi beta phi,
Longing for the days of your,
That she knew in the Pi beta Phi.

Perhaps a daughter on her knee,
Will sing this lullaby,
I hope and pray she?ll be someday,
A beautiful girl,
A dutiful girl,
And a girl of the pi beta phi.

Pi Phi girls don`t mope!

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