Good News synopsis

Good News synopsis

Good News Synopsis - Broadway musical

The football star Tom promises to lead a soccer team of Tate College to a victory. He has wide popularity in the company of girls. He dates with daughter of one of the richest holders of college. For a long time, a soccer team trains and hopes to win against their main rival in a forthcoming battle. Meanwhile, a stylish lady Babe pursues Bobbie. He is a substitute player.

Tom can’t pass his test for astronomy, which could become an admission to the game. The teacher gives him one more attempt. She also tells the diligent girl Connie the story about her youth. She used to date with Tom’s trainer in college. Connie tells the teacher about her wish to find a big love.

The trainer asks Tom’s girlfriend to help Tom with studying, but as she is bust at this moment, she advises to ask Connie for help. Connie and Tom meet in the studying room. At first, they don’t like each other. But some time after they understand that their outlooks on life coincide very much. Tom’s trainer pretends that he loves the astronomy teacher again. He hopes that Tom will get a good mark in this case. She understands that the trainer lies and leaves him.

Meanwhile Tom has an exam. He tells Connie he wouldn't do it without her participation. She tells him about love. Although he still dates with a reach girl, he accepts the fact that everything could turn out well in their relations. However, his present girlfriend reports about her father. He is going to increase a donation to college if Tom marries the girl. The guy is stunned. He understands: wellness of their team can suffer because of him. He says it to Connie. She agrees with him.

The football game. Tom is sad about his situation. That’s why their team loses. The teacher of astronomy suggests girls to support Bobbie and Tom. Then the team of Tate College wins. We see happy love couples.
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