Good News review

Good News review

Good News Review - Broadway musical

The earlier version of the musical received good comments of critics. They estimated its singing and power. It was described as a show with the tremendous atmosphere of college. The second version didn't receive such enthusiastic comments. Critics called it the pathetic copy (and “pathetic” in this case didn’t mean “great”). Someone considered that it is a parody of classics. Jokes in the musical were called banal. Critics believed that directors shouldn't have remade the original idea. However, there were also those who disagreed with part of critics. Someone considered that there was an excellent dancing show in the musical. Some critics noted a presence of original style and deep meaning in it. In general, the opinion of critics was ambiguous.

The latest version of the musical made almost the same success as the first. They saw a good casting and choreography in it. However, critics noted that duration of show should be reduced a little to make it more energetic. When the second version of the musical took place, the hall was filled with incompleteness. However, its large part was still occupied in an enough ration to keep a musical going.

The technical part of the musical, undoubtedly, makes a great impression. Bright suits, vigorous music, atmosphere – all these things are perfectly embodied on the stage. The songs will make you smile; many of them will remain in your head for a long time. Bright – this synonym is really suitable to the musical. But these are all significant pluses which can be allocated in this play. A viewer may get the impression that all these effects were created to distract him or her from some disadvantages of the performance.

Of course, any musical, first of all, is a show. But directors have to do everything not to turn this show in an ordinary beautiful picture. In this case, the form is hardly in the harmony with the contents. The musical has rather predictable plot. The story takes place around rich teenagers of the 20th. It is too simple telling about the football hero of a college, who falls in love with the clever girl, while preparing for the exam. He has to do a choice: to betray his team and to stay with the girl he loves or to marry the rich girl, because her father provides the team. All the time that is not occupied with songs, these students talk about who dates whom. But what else is possible to expect from a teenage comedy?

In spite of the fact that the musical hasn’t any deep meaning, it is impossible watch it without smile. It is not necessary in a show about carefree youth. Acting of cocky girls from sorority pleases. Incredibly charming, they don't have any difficulties in drawing attention of such attractive boys. Playing of the guys can take you far away from all “adult” problems. The work of the costumier should be especially noted. Unique style of the 20th is reflected in clothes of teenagers. Scenic dressing was quite modest. But all this was compensated with bright images and excellent light design.

Well, if you want to see a sublime show, to feel the spirit of youth and to take pleasure in wonderful voices, you should watch this performance. But if you are going to see it in a hope to find a big sense and an unpredictable plot, you will probably be disappointed.
Last Update:April, 06th 2016

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