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These Hands lyrics

These Hands


These hands,
How I fear for these hands.
How I wonder if ever had these hands been held with compassion,
Could they do what they've done,
These hands?

What of these eyes?
Blind with hate are these eyes.
Could it once be that someone gazed into these eyes with affection,
And saw good deep within
These eyes?

And why,
Having tasted of vengeance,
Do these lips curl with madness and pain, crying in vain?
A soul that could love is now helplessly chained to these hands!

And these ears still hear her crying,
And will never know laughter or song, ever so long
As blood of the innocent runs red upon these hands!

These detestable hands!
And this terrible hide, with its poison inside,
Hated limbs and foul heart, I would tear them apart,
If I only could feel what I felt when I held her within
These hands!

Unforgiving, unmerciful hands!
These unfeeling, contemptible hands!
And our end will not come
'Till justice is done,
By this man!

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