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The Proposition lyrics

The Proposition

I created you with a noble purpose--
To free mankind from the fear of death!
If I had known it would lead to such bloodshed,
I would never have given you breath!

Has it not pierced your brilliant mind,
Our actions cannot be undone?
I will reign fear upon your kind,
Unless you now complete what you've begun!

Listen carefully, Victor Frankenstein:
I have a proposition to present to you!
You have one chance to redeem your transgressions--
You have one last experiment to do!

Create a woman to share this strife,
Make her as vile as my darkest pain!
Grant me the joy of a kindred wife--
In return, you shall never see me again.

Never! Impossible! Preposterous!
Your scheme is outrageous, absurd!
One more just as monstrous--
I'll not inflict such horror on this world!

What's wrong, what's right?
Do you decide?
I'm more than blood and bone!
I need a mate--
One made as I!
I won't exist alone!

Who are you to make demands,
Who's now twice a criminal--
My brother's blood upon your hands,
Asking me to serve your will!

A second beast to bring new terror
[Creature groans]
Upon the young and innocent?
I'll not willingly repeat my error!
You will not get my consent!

Victor, you complete this task,
And end your family's mourning!
It's the last I'll ever ask.
The boy was just a warning!

Create another wretch as I,
A love I cannot be denied,
A soul content to live beside me.
I'll take my bride and run away,
Someplace safe where we can stay
Far from man and his insanity!

I think it wrong, I think it sick!
A corruption of biology!

But here's your chance to make it right
And offer an apology!

Can I undo the great mistake?
Erase the sorrow from my wake,
Never again to face this demon?
And might I still attain the dream,
With now a woman as the means,
Bestowing life upon my mission?

Life everlasting, reanimation,
A flawless new design!
The finest woman in all creation,
And she will be--


But softer now! A female frame,
And agile hands required!
And one who was lost, may yet be reclaimed,
Reborn of heaven's fires!

This is your chance! You will atone,
And never see me again!
Master your fate and face the unknown,
And bring this nightmare to an end!

This is my chance! I will atone!

Here's your last chance to atone!

I'll finally know peace!

As will I!

One more leap/One leap into the unknown,
And curse the name of Frankenstein!

[Thanks to Kyra for lyrics]
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