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Album lyrics:
  1. Act 1
  2. Prelude
  3. A Golden Age A Golden Age Video
  4. Find Your Way Home Find Your Way Home Video
  5. Amen Amen Video
  6. Birth To My Creation
  7. 1:15 A.M. 1:15 A.M. Video
  8. Dear Victor
  9. The Hands of Time The Hands of Time Video
  10. Your Father's Eyes Your Father's Eyes Video
  11. The Creature's Tale (Pt. 1)  The Creature's Tale (Pt. 1)  Video
  12. The Waking Nightmare The Waking Nightmare Video
  13. The Creature's Tale (Pt. 2)  The Creature's Tale (Pt. 2)  Video
  14. The Music of Love The Music of Love Video
  15. The Creature's Tale (Pt. 3)  The Creature's Tale (Pt. 3)  Video
  16. Why? Why? Video
  17. The Proposition
  18. Act 2
  19. A Happier Day A Happier Day Video
  20. The Modern Prometheus The Modern Prometheus Video
  21. The Workings of The Heart The Workings of The Heart Video
  22. These Hands
  23. The Chase 
  24. The Coming of The Dawn
  25. Amen (Reprise) 

Frankenstein: A New Musical synopsis

Frankenstein: A New Musical Synopsis - Broadway musical

Victor is a gifted kid, who has a younger brother. The eldest son went to university to study science. His mother dies and that inspires him to explore the mysteries of life and death. He decides to leave home and to continue his studies. Finally, he comes to visit his mother's grave, promising that they will soon meet, because he found a way to revive a dead man. For his experiment, he finds the body and tries to breathe life into it. He fails and even thinks to return back home to his family. Suddenly he hears a scream in the laboratory – the beast came to life, but it is so awful, that Frankenstein ignites the lab in fear and hope that the beast die in the fire.

His relatives worry about a researcher, because there is no news from him for a long time. Meanwhile, the investigator is in a psychiatric hospital, trying to get rid of the received shock. He returns home, but discovers that his brother is dead. All accuse nurse, but she swears it's not her fault, that was made by a "monster".

Researcher discovers a beast that is able to speak and feels sadness and loneliness. He tells how it was wandering in the forest after a fire in the laboratory. It managed to find refuge in a shed next to the house where lived an old blind man and his daughter with a baby. Once a beast has decided to enter the house, where he was warmly received by the old man. He was blind and could not see who was standing before him. The beast could not hold back a rush of tenderness, thus embraced the old man too powerfully. This strong embrace fractured the old man’s bones and he died. Terrified that he killed his best and only friend, the beast decides to kill all who were close to own creator. It realized how much pain it is felt at this time. It admits the murder of younger brother of researcher. Beast asks the creator to create a girlfriend for him. He promised that after that, no one would see it ever again.

Family celebrating an upcoming wedding of a researcher. In the laboratory, Victor creates a woman for beast, but the sudden thought of the children makes him to destroy it. Monster is furious and promises that he would take revenge and it will be on the first wedding night of the newlyweds. In the marriage journey, monster kills a bride. Researcher blames himself for the death of beloved, and promises to hunt down his beast. Monster repents, but it does not change the decision of a maker. Researcher hunts it down across all Europe. He understands after all that the beast is his child, his son and adopts it as it is. When the founder dies, the beast takes his body on the arms and goes into the darkness.
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