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Album lyrics:
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All That Chat lyrics

All That Chat

ANNOUNCER (spoken):
And now, ladies and gentlemen, please welcome back, one of Chicago's deadliest
Velma's... Miss Bibi Neuwirth

BIBI (spoken):
Hello, suckers. Did you pay good money to see a Broadway show, when you could have just
stayed home and read whats online?


Come on babe, get on the internet
And all that chat
I hear that devil lounge
Is even meaner yet
Than all that chat
Frank Langella's hoggin' Whoopi's spot
But as Sir Thomas Moore, she says he's not so hot
Check out the rumor mill
And gossip made to kill
On all that chat

Oh, what happens offstage is more fun than on

On all that chat


Oh, I hear that Broadway is a Babylon

On all that chat


Raul Esparza slept with Chita

Chita finally slept with Rita

And I hear
Tom Wolpat's queer
For all that chat

I just read
That Brigadoon is dead

Oh, what happens offstage is more fun than on

On all that chat
The workshop didn't work
And so the bad news spread

Oh, I've heard that Broadway is a Babylon

On all that chat
Hold on, hon
I'm hookin' up to links
Where there's an Equus clip
Where Daniel Radcliffe stinks
And there's a running blog
That's strictly dog-eat-dog
On all that chat

MAN (spoken):
So Checkie, that's final, huh? You prefer Andrew Lippa's Wild Party over Michael John
Lecusa's? Send.

WOMAN (spoken):
Yeah, I'm afraid so Bruce Menblatt. I hate Michael John Lecusa. Send.

MAN (spoken):
Oh Checkie? Send.

WOMAN (spoken):
Yeah? Send.

MAN (spoken):
Nobody trashes Michael John Lecusa's Wild Party on my Facebook! Send control alt delete!



Who needs theater tix
When you can get your kicks
On all that chat!
Last Update: March, 15th 2015

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