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  1. Forbidden Broadway Goes to Rehab
  2. All That Chat
  3. In the Heights Segment 
  4. Tale of Two Cities Segment 
  5. South Pacific Segment 
  6. Mary Poppins -- 2nd Season 
  7. August: Osage County 
  8. Daniel Radcliffe in Equus Daniel Radcliffe in Equus Video
  9. Patti LuPone in Gypsy Patti LuPone in Gypsy Video
  10. Young Frankenstein 
  11. Xanadude
  12. Kristen Chenoweth: Glitter & Be Glib Kristen Chenoweth: Glitter & Be Glib Video
  13. Sondheim: Putting Up Revivals 
  14. Stephen Sondheim Finale Stephen Sondheim Finale Video
  15. My Musical Comedy Smile 
  16. Pajama Game 
  17. See Me on a Monday 
  18. (Dying Is Easy) Comedy Is Hard (Dying Is Easy) Comedy Is Hard Video

Forbidden Broadway Goes to Rehab review

Forbidden Broadway Goes to Rehab Review - Broadway musical

Once conceived as the last part of this phantasmagoria of already 21 parts (as of 2008 there were 18 parts), Forbidden Broadway is a very long-playing record. It entertains the user in bright colors, telling of what is now fashionable on Broadway and beyond its boundaries. Moreover, doing so in a very humorous form, as a parody of trendy things. For this reason, this histrionics has not have expressed separate plot, just musical sketches, cheered by music, with the numbers that are done by fairly provocative actors.

In 2008, this part of the show was conceived as the latest in a series of works of this author, but after it came out 3 more parts and this is unlikely to be the final stop.

One reviewer wrote that people who have health problems – in particular, have heart disease, are best to improve their health or to restrain from visiting this spectacle. Why? Because they can tear their bellies from laughter in the hall and to die. Not the most unpleasant death, agree, but still go visit your doctor before planning to become a beholder to this 18th part of the performance.

How about the show the actors spoke, they are Broadway narcomaniacs, and therefore try to explain all things, even the most serious, in ridiculous form that the public had fun. Otherwise, if you go for some serious performance, for example, telling of the struggle, war, unrequited love, civil war or confrontation for civil rights, you have the chance to die of boredom. Here it will be much less pleasant death than from laughter. It is because of this positive surroundings that create the show for 32 years in total with its 21 versions, it has given around the world in more than 200 places, for more than 9000 exhibitions, entering into many records both in terms of duration, and the number of people in the audience that smile.
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