Necessity lyrics - Finian's Rainbow

Necessity lyrics


What is the curse that makes the universe so all bewild'rin'?
What is the hoax that just provokes the folks they call God's children?
What is the jinx that gives a body and his brother and everyone around -
the runaround?

Necessity, Necessity,
That most unnecessary thing, Necessity.
What throws a monkey wrench in
A fella's good intention?
That nasty old invention - Necessity.
My feet wanna dance in the sun,
My head wants to rest in the shade,
The Lord says "Go out and have fun,"
But the landlord says "Your rent ain't paid!"
Necessity, it's plain to see
What a lovely old world this silly old world could be,
But man it's all in a mess, 'cause of Necessity.

Necessity, Necessity,
There oughta be a law against Necessity.
(Sister you're so right)
I'd love to play some tennis,
Or take a trip to Venice.
But sister here's the menace - Necessity.
Oh Satan's the father of sin,
Cupid's the father of love,
Ol' Hell is the father of gin,
But no-oner knows the father of...
(Do you mean he's a... That's what he is! Oohhh!)
That's the maximum that a minimum thing could be,
There's nothing lower than less unless it's Necessity.
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