Finian's Rainbow synopsis

Finian's Rainbow synopsis

Finian's Rainbow Synopsis - Broadway musical

The action takes place in the house of the farmers who grow tobacco. The sheriff and the deputy of Senator require farmers paying huge taxes, or their land will be sold at auction. The peasants want to wait for their union leader, hoping that he will bring money. At the meeting, it comes an Irishman with his daughter named Sharon. He explains to her that American millionaires transferred his fortune in gold and hid it. He says that land there is a very rich and shows the remainder of the crock of gold that went to him from a leprechaun. Farmers do not have enough money, so the Irishman covers the difference. That night, he buries gold in the ground, and marks the spot. Without gold, leprechaun becomes mortal. Senator buys land. He is reported that gold was found on his land. In the morning, leprechaun meets a girl and confesses his feelings. But she is in love with the leader of the farmers. Leprechaun advises Irish not to ask for more than three wishes around the gold, because it will disappear. He continues to search for his gold.

Farmers unhappy with their living and working conditions. Senator tells them that by living with blacks, they are violating the law and the latter ones must leave. In the heart of the girl, she wants him to become black and Senator is transformed indeed. Union leaders reported all that on their land gold was found and the shipping company offered farmers a credit for development of their businesses, taking the land as collateral.

Farmers begin to receive profits from their new businesses. Sharon enjoys the end of class inequality that comes with new wealth. It makes no sense to dig gold, because there are continued investments in their tobacco business. Sheriff blames Sharon in witchcraft. Meanwhile, union leader and she decide to get married. Suddenly the pot of gold is found by a girl, Susan. She kept it for her. Senator meets leprechaun and tells him of what happened. Leprechaun decides that the senator does not need to be changed externally, but rather internally. He uses his own magic and makes him a good person. At the wedding, a sheriff arrives to arrest the young bride for witchcraft. Father intercedes for her daughter and says she can undo the spell, but the father does not find the pot of gold as it was gone. Leprechaun wants to help the bride, realizing that he had left only one desire, and if he uses it, he will no longer be a leprechaun. He decided on it, and the senator turns white backwards, and a leprechaun turns into a human being.
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