The World Is Upside Down lyrics - Finding Neverland

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Album lyrics:
  1. Act 1
  2. The World Is Upside Down
  3. All of London Is Here Tonight
  4. The Pirates of Kensington 
  5. Believe 
  6. The Dinner Party 
  7. We Own the Night
  8. All That Matters
  9. The Pirates of Kensington (Reprise) 
  10. Sylvia's Lullaby
  11. Neverland Neverland Video
  12. Circus of Your Mind
  13. Live by the Hook 
  14. Stronger
  15. Act 2
  16. The World Is Upside Down (reprise) 
  17. What You Mean to Me
  18. Play 
  19. We're All Made of Stars
  20. When Your Feet Don't Touch the Ground
  21. Something About This Night 
  22. Neverland (Reprise) 
  23. Finale (All That Matters) 

The World Is Upside Down lyrics

The World Is Upside Down

There's a moment you've been
waiting all your life for
When you find the very
reason you're alive for
And it happens when you seem
to least expect it
All at once you come alive
and feel connected

I ignored the beat inside my heart
for too long
Had accepted what was right
But always felt wrong
It's the second hand of time
I'd been a slave to
But inside there was a feeling
Something I always knew

When the world turned upside down
And the earth and sky changed around
All the whispers of the possible
became clear and loud
When the world turned upside down
When my world turned upside down Last Update: August, 07th 2015

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