Fantasticks, The review

Fantasticks, The Review - Broadway musical

In addition to its major productions, musical had such important ones: Washington (2009–2010), West End (2010, not successful, having negative feedback), and more than 60 locations worldwide (including Zimbabwe, Costa Rica, Afghanistan, Germany, Israel, Iran, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia, Japan & Australia), being translated into such languages: Thai, German, French, Pashto, Mandarin, Danish, Spanish, Hebrew, Hungarian, Finnish, Japanese, Irish, Icelandic, Czech, Dari, Norwegian, Italian, Swedish, Persian, Arabic & Slovak. It has shown fantastic 11.000 international shows, visiting more than 3000 (!) different cities on our globe, being demonstrated even in The White House. On the basis of it, the film was shot in 2000, albeit unsuccessfully – with a budget of USD 10 million, it has collected even less that USD 50 thousand. Simplified version of the musical of 1964 was released as a movie, but without the two characters, incorporating them into fathers of families.

Interesting fact – the antihero, to whom kidnapping of a daughter was trusted, used to describe their conceived action with word «rape». This, in the modern interpretation, is almost always been used means "violating the integrity of genital organs by means of usage of physical power", but in 1960, it was used as a classical understanding – “abduction, as person assignation in some place which is unrevealed to others”. In the process of long-term production of the play, the meaning has changed, and word form found a value distant from the original vocabulary meaning, in connection with which many young viewers, coming to play, complained after about this fact. But the use of this word has not been terminated, as a result, giving even a particular flair. However, for very receptive audience, the show was staged alternatively, reworked with lyrics and songs, where it was used and depicted in parallel to the main histrionics.

The show, apart from its technical performance and the enthusiasm after its duration, is a beautiful fairy tale of love of two, who as if anti-Romeo and Juliet. That is, they initially did not like each other, but, thanks to the efforts of their fathers, aimed on creating of visibility of enmity between the houses, they begin to approach each other and eventually obtained artificially created infatuation. Nevertheless, it turned something really big when it passed the test of time and separation, and the children realized that they are really in love, they desperately need each other. In general, it is quite normal swings doing that in one direction and then in the other several times, only to stop on the side of the "happy ending".
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