Oklahoma? lyrics - Dirty Rotten Scoundrels

Oklahoma? lyrics


Down in the Panhandle
Where we manhandle
All that beef cattle
And the snakes rattle
And the wind whistles
Through the dead thistles,
It's a little piece of heaven

With a big house'n
Lots of big cows'n
Lots of big sky'n
Lots of dust flyin'
And I'll be so happy since
I'm bringing hime a prince
To my little piece of heaven,

Don't you love it when the
bobcats howl?

Don't you love it when the
coyotes cough?

Well, I know a few tricks
With a thirty ought-six
'n you can watch me blow those little
fuckers heads clean off.

And then, oh boy-
We'll go two steppin-
Through the arroyo,
Watch what you step in

'Cause them cattle eat their share
And it's gotta go somewhere
In my little piece of heaven,

And we'll motor into Tulsa for the
Through the windows of the pickup
we'll be peekin'-
Not a tree or a Jew
To block the lovely vie.
There's a race track and a zoo-

And Oral Roberts U!

And we'll dress you up nifty
In a big Stetson
With some SPF 50
So no sun gets in

'Cause that freckly on your skin
Can do a feller in
And the shade is mighty thin in
And our leading cause of death
is Melanoma



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