Dirty Rotten Scoundrels review

Dirty Rotten Scoundrels Review - Broadway musical

10 nominations and only one award – there is not very equitable distribution of prizes. Although the word "equitable" probably not appropriate. "Vexation" – that is the correct word. Because the film is worthy more than a musical. Indeed, the latter has absolutely no charm of enchanting delicate act of Michael Caine or amazing, phenomenal, incredible comedic talent of Steve Martin. The two created a charming film, which in 1988 brought decent 40+ million dollars in worldwide box office and was marked by critics with inclusion in a hundred of funniest movies ever. Indeed, the atmosphere is relaxed and fraud the same lightweight. Fun accompanies the film from beginning to an end. A bright sun of the Riviera, where our characters live, is not embodied in the musical, which is played by too young actors so that they can be considered credible for their roles. Jokes largely mirror those of the film, but it also has its own work. However, rather a vision of them in a new way. For example, in the film, Ruprecht banged on the pods and his "brother" told him to stop because they soon will have no pods at all. In musical, Ruprecht was trying to eat a goldfish and "brother" tells him that he cannot eat pets; they have already lost a few cats like this. Playing on the similarity, indeed. But it is almost the only joke that sounded funnier in the musical than in the movie.

On the other hand, a musical had a youthful enthusiasm, which only slightly overlaps the lack of life experience, which is “a must” when it comes to creating the image of a stunning fraudsters. Maybe all the obvious shortcomings prevented this musical to receive any significant awards? Besides the already mentioned 10 nominations for Tony and 1 win only, this show has two nominations for Laurence Olivier with zero wins and 9 nominations with 1 win for Drama Desk Award. On the one hand, a number of nominations could say that many = considered this piece funny and insightful. On the other, this could happen because there were simply no more worthy nominees for awards on Broadway in 2005.
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