Damn Yankees synopsis

Damn Yankees synopsis

Damn Yankees Synopsis - Broadway musical

From time to time on the stage and in the movies there are such films where someone sells his soul to the Devil in exchange for some very strong desire (please mind that always HE sells, never SHE). Here we have an old fan of the baseball team, who longs them to win from Yankees in the World Cup (though "world" is, though the official status of these games, untrue, as everyone knows that only the Americans are baseball-addicted and no other nation understands the rules of & have no interest to this game).

So much he wants their victory, that says this aloud that he’ll sell his soul, so they just received some young and talented balls slugger. And here comes the Devil, who offers him exactly this – he takes his soul in exchange for making him a young and very successful slugger who will lead this team to success. But this fan, having a flair, understanding the necessity to leave himself a loophole, also agrees that if he will reach the final game with the team, the soul will forever be considered sold, and if he leaves before the end of it, the deal is off & he gets his life back. The transaction starts, but he has to leave his wife, whom he loves very much.

He was quickly taken to the team and all wildly liked a new player who deals with all the balls. But he is very sad for his wife and is even thinking to go back to her. Devil, trying to prevent this, sent him charming beauty, so that she did her job. As she failed, the Devil sent her down, to sing along with fallen souls.

The Devil sues a player to the court, under false accusations. Besides the fact that the whole thing is delayed, because Devil in human form as the prosecutor is unable to swear on the Bible that he would not lie on his testimony, and the identity of the fan/player does not exist at all, an opposing force transfers him from the court on the game – the very final one. Although he in a second before its completion shouted to the Devil to let him go, breaking the contract for the sale of the soul, he still ends the game, leading his team to a victory. The Devil himself complains that now it takes very big efforts to get only one human soul, not as previously (Those Were the Good Old Days).

Although he returned to his wife, the Devil comes to him, demanding a soul. He asks his wife to hold him tight, which she does. And it turns out that the strength of the Devil is powerless against True Love. He goes to Hell along with his henchmen, and the player happily embraces his wife, and they stay together.
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