Argument lyrics - Chess

Argument lyrics


I would have thought in the average affair
That the first hint of trouble would be
Oh so small; barely perceptible, easy to miss
Why is ours on TV?

Listen -- you know as I do
Nothing's altered at all
I have no intention --

Your personal life's
The lead on the news!
How do we ignore that?

I do and I must because otherwise I say
Goodbye to my hopes of retaining my title
If I should succumb to emotional blackmail I'm done --

Looking after number one!

What do you mean?

I mean it's always I this and I that
What happened to us?

All that I'm saying is I must make certain
That nothing distracts me from chess
When I've won
Then I'll attend to the secondary things --

Things like me I suppose!

No, no -- you're reacting
Exactly the way that they want

It's the way I have to
If I feel concerned I can't put it off
And come back to it later

Well if you're determined to jump when they tell you
Then maybe it's best that you do it alone
Watch "TV, read the papers, have the miserable time of your life
You could even call my wife! Last Update: October, 16th 2014

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