Chess synopsis

Chess synopsis

Chess Synopsis - Broadway musical

A chess match was organized between the strongest opponents – the USSR and the USA & between strongest chess players, Freddie Trumper and Anatoly Sergievsky. The first has a companion, a woman of Hungarian origin, which was grown in England. The second brought a hidden KGB officer, who must ensure that Anatoly would not escape from USSR falling with temptations of life in the United States.

The first game was lost by Freddie – the current world chess champion – and he goes to discuss the financial terms of his play with his sponsors. During the discussion, his companion having affair with Anatoly and it is flamed at the beginning of the second round of the tournament, despite the fact that Anatoly has a wife and children in the USSR. Freddie sees this affair and it hardens him and plunges into despair. He loses the tournament to Anatoly, making Anatoly world chess champion. Anatoly immediately submits to diplomatic asylum in the United States, in order to avoid returning to the Soviet Union.

At the beginning of the second act, we see how a new big chess tournament is going, this time taking place in Bangkok – the capital of Thailand. Freddie already there, enjoys the delights of the nightlife of this eastern metropolis. Freddie has to voice the tournament, and he now has a former companion as his boss, whose mission is to prevent Anatoly confirm his world title. A former girl of Freddie, which is now lover of Anatoly, despite his married status, has similar task – to prevent him to win. And here comes his wife, who also wants to return Anatoly to Soviet Union. Alternately interfere him through various insidious plans, all three fail and Anatoly wins the tournament. But later he nevertheless decides to return to the USSR, as they all three wanted to.
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