Chess review

Chess review

Chess Review - Broadway musical

Critics did not like this musical at all, despite the fact that its creator called it as good as anything he has done before that time. What the critics specifically did not like: the characters, where everyone behaves like a madmen, shouting at each other to the accompaniment of rock music. Some critics said that the show was full of not witty songs and speeches, where none of the love stories were touching the heart’s strings. Yet they noted that the show loiter the audience with numbers that stick out their personal significance.

In contrast to such nasty reviews, there were also the opposition to them from people with bigger IQ, who did not failed to understand that this show is rather complicated, that it is necessary to delve into, and not just to watch idly. That it does have its quite emotional tension, you cannot just go and sit on your seats having in mind: "I have come, entertain me". It is profound and requires the viewer to possess the intelligence and a particular focus on the story. Few are willing to say that visit the theater exactly for this, and not merely at a secular party, to see their friends. This opinion was held at that time by a few people that were employees of Time and Providence Journal.

There were also such reviews, which said that the cold and nasty in many aspects confrontation between the USA and USSR is far gone, so now this musical is not relevant anymore. While it depicts Bangkok too colorful, as a contrast to the first world – gray – of USSR, and to no longer gray, but industrial cold and black world of USA. In general, despite other reviews, very controversial, even within themselves (a great musical, which is burdened with unnecessary time and 3+ hours of unsuccessful libretto), all the critics agree that the main trio of leading actors are excellent and worthy of all praises. Judy Kuhn in general should be proud of such praise as "the main pleasure of the show". One critic noted that honestly do not know why people haven’t liked the show, but he knows for sure that the audience was emotionally involved in this & definitely liked it.
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