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Album lyrics:
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  7. No Surprises 
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  16. Whatever Time There Is 
  17. Everything Was Perfect 
  18. Charlie
  19. I Really Loved You 
  20. Whatever Time There Is (Reprise) 

Charlie lyrics



You want from me, what I can give,
To set you free, to let you live,
To just give up, to just let go,
Oh no, Charlie.

I've reached this high, I won't descend,
I'm gonna fight, I'm not your friend,
I will not be, what I have been,
No I'll win, Charlie.

You were a smile, a joke,
a clown who could amuse,
But I'm a man in love,
a man the world can use.

I won't see you, you aren't here,
You aren't real, just disappear,
I'm in control, my fresh, my brain,
My heart, my soul and I'll remain,
it's you or me, I'm gonna be,

Were Algernon and Charlie,
Charlie and ...

I under stand and sympathize,
One of use lives, the other dies,
I won't go back, not at this stage,
Into the dark, into that cage,
I'll find a way that I can stay,
Charlie, Charlie, CHARLIE.

[Thanks to Chris Williams for lyrics]
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