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Album lyrics:
  1. Have I the Right 
  2. I Got a Friend 
  3. Some Bright Morning 
  4. Jelly Donuts and Chocolate Cake 
  5. Hey Look at Me 
  6. Reading 
  7. No Surprises 
  8. Midnight Riding 
  9. Dream Safe with Me 
  10. Not Another Day Like This 
  11. Somebody New 
  12. I Can't Tell You 
  13. Now 
  14. Charlie and Algernon 
  15. The Maze 
  16. Whatever Time There Is 
  17. Everything Was Perfect 
  18. Charlie
  19. I Really Loved You 
  20. Whatever Time There Is (Reprise) 

Charlie and Algernon synopsis

Charlie and Algernon Synopsis - Broadway musical

A young man named Charlie is ill with a genetic disorder that does not allow him to be mentally full and he stopped at the level of a small child. He works at a local bread shop, doing the routine work of the same kind as an assistant. In the evening, he attends a school where Alice Kinnian tries to teach him. Despite the study, his mind remains at the same low level and he is even surpassed by laboratory mouse in tests on intelligence. One evening, Alice takes him to a local doctor, so he reversed the damages to Charlie’s brain stroke by the genetic disorder.

Algernon is a name of laboratory mouse that survived the experimental surgery to improve its intelligence, which soon after Charlie also experiences. As a result of it Charlie, at first slowly, but faster afterwards, day by day, increases his IQ until he becomes almost a genius.

As a result of such an enlightenment, Charlie changes his life tremendously. He becomes interested in his teacher/educator Alice, but she did not initially give him a response. Meanwhile, they have established something like a warm friendship. Charlie travels across the cities of the country, meets other women and getting addicted to alcohol and nicotine. Then he returns to Alice, who realizes that loves him. They even want to get married, also planning a joint destiny together, basking in the glow of mutual love. Then he discovered that the mouse Algernon died and Charlie realizes that its death is the result of the operation. He also realizes that his fate is prompt and fast regression of his mind to the previous state of a mentally handicapped person. He breaks his engagement to Alice in order not to tear her heart apart from his upcoming illness.

Eventually he becomes worse mentally and his mind gradually experiencing the sunset. Charlie returned to the mental state of a child who plays in the kids’ arena.
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