Cannibal synopsis

Cannibal synopsis

Cannibal Synopsis - Broadway musical

One heinous criminal is to be judged for cannibalism for what he was caught. 1883 is on the yard. The name of cannibal is Alferd Packer and he begins to prove that everything was not just a whim, and he tells his story to the judge, of what has happened.

10 years ago, a group of miners from 5 people heard that the city of Breckenridge opened a new gold mine and decided to go there for the developments. They rush to take their land and hire local guide, who says he knows the place and they are went to the three-week journey.

A month later, they realize that got lost. They found the trio of hunters for fur animals. The diggers and trappers are immediately finding antagonistic hostility. Then furriers steal the horse of diggers, along with their friend, and miners are captured by a local Indian tribe.

Everything happens closer to the winter and travelers are covered by a snowstorm that is awfully cold and does not allow them to get out. They are running out of food reserves and one of them kills another because he did not believe in the good outcome and gloomed everyone. Discussing their desperate situation together, they come to believe that cannibalism is the only help for them to survive. They eat a shoot guy, but after a few days of constant storms, realize the need for a new victim for the salvation of the whole group. One of them, Alferd, was sent to explore out and one kills other members of the group while he was out, explaining to the returned so they wanted to kill him to eat, and he fought for his life. Alferd had no choice but to kill his partner, because he suspected that he has gone mad.

Some time later, Alferd returns to his hometown, where he was arrested on suspicion of cannibalism and he would be hanged. While hanging, Indians are very unexpectedly come to his aid, with whom he was able to make friends while he was their prisoner and they chop off the rope with machete to save him.
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